In a historical step, The House of Common of Canada has passed the Drug Policy Modernization Act (DPMA) which will legalize the use of controversial cocaine for medicinal purpose. The house saw a tough contest but at last saw the triumph in 158 to 150 votes. Canada became the first country in Western World to do this.

The debate of using cocaine in medicine was going on for some time in Canada. It came into consideration when Public Health Agency of Canada recommended the fact. It argued that cocaine has tremendous medical facilities and can be used to treat mental disorders. It is hugely beneficial for overcoming depression.


However the process of using cocaine drugs will be strictly and professionally monitored by doctors. According to the new law, no patient will be allowed to use the drug unless it has been prescribed by a recognized doctor. Evidently, this drug is useful for other health issues like Glaucoma, Acne, Severe back pain and others.

Canada is known for its liberal policies especially on drugs and its regulations. With the latest modifications, Canada will again regain its tag of coolest country in terms of drugs use. Recently United States snatched the title from Canada for legalizing Cannabis for recreational use.

The people of Canada have given mixed response on the use of drugs. Some are really hopeful for better medicinal values whereas some fear malpractice of the law.

But the other part of the story has really backfired Canada. According to treaty in United Nations, Canada has violated the Drug Control. Even though there is no official statement from the United Nations but the House Minority leader has blamed Canada for this move. He has warned of very scary situations in the use and supply of drugs by the law.

Science says that if you know how to use, then you can turn evil into good. Canada may be following the footsteps and dangerous cocaine might be used for good of mankind.

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