We all know that today technological advancements are taking place at the speed of light. But the bitter truth that we simultaneously carry along with the advancements is that carbon emission due to industrialization and use of fossil fuels have equally grown manifold times. Here is a video where the guy explains how the use of fossil fuels and the resulting carbon emissions with simple “Lego” blocks.

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The explanation is based on the reports given by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, wherein a budget is given in order to control the carbon emissions or else it may to lead to an average increase by two degrees in the upcoming years.

If the figures are to be seen, according to IPCC we need to limit the carbon emissions below 840 gigatons out of which we have already emitted 530 gigatons in use of fossils in different forms like coal, biomass, gases, oil and other means. This means that we are left with just 310 gigatons below the proposed threshold limit by IPCC. According to the current rate of fossils being used in the world, it will take us just next 20 years to reach the limit.

It’s high time that we seriously start thinking on this part as the repercussions from Nature could be catastrophic if try to take it too lightly. It is certainly good to enjoy all the merits of advancements and progress, but really at the cost of something?

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