Ever since its birth in 1966, there have been many musicians that have come and gone through the Santana band. Marcos Malone is one such person who is listed in the Wikipedia lists and was a band member from 1967-1969. Very little information is available on Marcos Malone as he has been homeless for decades and fend himself staying on the streets of Oakland.


This is covered by KRON’s Stanley Roberts who spoke to Malone. Malone said that he was a musician and a landscaper. While referring to his connection to Bay Area music legend Carlos Santa, he said “At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana blues band. Now I’m homeless and on the streets.”

Here is a file picture of Carlos and Marcos in their good times.

Carlos Santana and Marcus Malone in 1967

After some research, he discovered that Malone was in Santana itself and decided for a reunion. Malone had lost touch with Santana after he spent his time in San Quentin for some personal reasons. Santana made several attempts to find his friend but was unsuccessful. Here is a video showing how Robert helped Santana find his friend.


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