We all know about a Christmas holyday. In this day people of the religion that called Christian had enjoyed this day very much. Alike that Carrie Underwood, Rashida Jones and Jimmy Put had enjoyed their holy day with a great surprise and happy. They have enjoyed a stage performance with singing and dancing. Many people of all classes gathered there and enjoyed the scene . Carrie Underwood have a song and have a dicleration on that day. They had arranged the movement the day of the previous. They have to work very hard to arrange the movement. The Thursday they arranged and make the stage in order to enjoy the Friday. On that day they had a great surprise in their mind as well. Relatives and of all classes had come there.


They had presented a great songs of the year 2013. Actually the day was a day of thanksgiving to the father Jujus. Everybody enjoy this day in different way of theirs lives. Some prefer to go to the relatives house, someone prefer to visit theirs friends. Couple would like to go for parks and enjoy the day with their happiness. The major music’s of 2013 fair got full. It was in a funny holiday. And these were themed caricature combination by Carrie Underwood, Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon.  Later a lengthy Blessing Day, those motionless awake for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday were preserved to a delightful drink containing seven new mega-hits – by Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lorde and more. It was redrafted in the soul of Thanksgiving. It was especially for Hannukah and Christmas. As a extra, Underwood stabbed fun at Cyrus’s American Music Awards performance, vocal “Butterball” with a image of a cat on the shade behindhand her. Really the day was very surprising and enjoyable.

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