Cat owners beware! Owning cats may cause damage to ones mental health!  But before we proceed, let us not  take this out of context and see this as a hilarious and funny observance of people who adopt and learn to love their cats.

86% among cat owners is not even aware that they experience the following actions and thought patterns as they interact with their beloved feline creature.  Have a good laugh about yourself with these 20 symptoms of cat madness!


1. Cat owners are engrossed in an entire conversation between him/her and the cat and the owner perhaps talks back to himself/herself pretending the he/she is the cat.


2. Owners program themselves that something will eventually get destroyed or broken and it is just okay.


3. These owners force to tag along their pets in selfies knowing it will eventually end up like this.


4. They permit them to step on their keyboard.

5. Friends may think you are crazy if you post the bulks of cat pictures on your phone if you post it on Facebook.

6. You can’t stop yourself from correcting others if they wrongly call your cat in the wrong gender.

7. You can’t say no whenever your cat wants to have a petting session.

8. Which then leads to this.

9. You give in to every whims of your pet, even your own food even though your famished.

10. You permit gross things to occur for no reason.

11. You feel guilty after the vet says you are overfeeding your cat

12. You tolerate their snubbing caused by the diet plan you imposed.

13. Eventually, however, you get used to your pets state of obesity.

14. You willingly clean after your pets’ facal matter.


15. You get more distracted rather than afraid when you hear some noise at 3 AM.

16. On the upside, as soon as it is 6 AM, you get an adorable alarm clock to wake you up!

17. Going to the bathroom is a bonding time between the two of you.

18. Because closing the doors lead to this.

19. It is inevitable that every piece of your clothe will be covered with cat hair.

20. And finally, you worry that your feline pet is not interesting enough to be posted on the web.

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