Meryl Davis and Charlie White
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This year, Olympics have bought good news for Americans in the form of gold medal in ice dancing category. Charlie White and Meryl Davis start performing together since 1997 and they have won silver medal in 2010 Olympics and bronze medals from other competition but this year they have won a very first Olympic gold medal and completed their collection.

Some celebrities or sports personalities follow some superstitions; they believe in before performing but this is not the case with our ice dancing stars, although they cuddle their moms before their every performance.
People know these things about Davis and White but unaware of the things we are about to tell you. Here are five amazing things about this ice dancing couple, which you are unknown of.

1.    Are they really together? Answer is NO!
In pre-Olympic teleconference, Davis has confirmed that they are not dating but they take it as a compliment when someone asks them this question. Their performance has such intensity that it fools everyone to believe in such thing.

2.    Looking forward to be in Dancing with the Stars
Davis in pre-Olympic teleconference has said that if they’ll be invited in Dancing with the Stars, it will make them really excited. It is not hidden from people that choreographer Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars choreograph their Olympic performances.

3.    Michigan University cheers
University of Michigan praise their victors by tweeting, “CONGRATULATIONS to two of our Wolverines, @Meryl_Da

White and Davis as kids in Michigan

vis and @CharlieaWhite for winning the GOLD in #Sochi! Go Red, White, and BLUE!” Their talent has helped them to be enrolled in University of Michigan. For a year, they have taken a time off from studies and focused on their training, which result came out in a form of gold medal.

4.    Support humanity relief programs
White and Davis are supporters of different societies which help in well being of people, such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, The Humane Society, the March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society.

5.    Music lovers
Both Davis and White loves music but have different taste in it. While Davis prefers music according to her mood as she is a fan of all genres of music, White likes Third Eye Blind, Kanye West, Jack Johnson and Red Hot chili Peppers.

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