It is really a sad and horror news that in the place of Australian valley there dirty children are born from peers of incest lived with physical malformations in a ‘cult’ of forty grownups and youths arose today. Where technology and civilization is growing day by day in there somewhere the physical malformation children are also born. These has been happening from a generation to generation. Really sad and very sad. It is really shy for the children to say and recognize his or her father and mother. In real they are not recognized as legal children at all. The hardship of themselves can not be expressed. They are deprived from many things as a normal child can expect from anyone as like his or her father or mother.


What a shame and sad. Generally these children are born from unexpected sexual relationships of the brothers and sisters, uncle and aunts, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, fathers and sisters in law etc. It is really very difficult for him or her to be grown up in these circumstances. They have to bear unbearable hardship to sustain. Not only problematic but also pathetic. The broods originate living in smut in sheds and broken down convoys had many incapacities from their congenital deliveries, counting a boy with a mobile damage and severe psoriasis, another with earshot and sight glitches and yet additional boy whose eyes were askew. A girl whose age was nine years, could not catch or inscribe and had disjointed and stunted speech, was powerless to wash or dry her and did not identify how to use a toilet or what toilet paper was. The name of the valley has kept hidden.  It has been occurring from the years past. But now the news is spreading and investigation has been started to find out the real fathers and mothers of the child.


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