Women find shopping exciting and calming. When they feel blue, lost and very sad, they take their credit card or boyfriend’s wallet and go waste money for one more dress they will never wear. Women spend hours and much energy on this kind of “entertainment”. But what do men think about it? Do they like it? Or especially do they like to escort their women? The answer is “NO, NO and NO!” They hate it! Men do not understand why women need so many dresses, so many clothes and especially so many shoes. To men’s mind all their dresses and shoes look same and there is no difference between the new and the old ones. When men watch their women shopping, they see monkeys instead. Monkeys, running around the shopping mall,  looking for new stupid things. There was a very bright example of this in China. A terrifying accident happened to a young couple. Girl and man went shopping. The girl spent more than 5 hours buying dresses. Her boyfriend Tao Hsiao, who had kindly agree to help her with it, was too tired and asked her to go home. But the insatiable girl wanted a new pair of shoes immidiately, when she already had more pairs than she could wear in  her  lifetime. She accused him in spoiling her Christmas. Obsessed woman made a big scandal to Tao, right in the shoppong mall. Tired man just jumped out of the balcony to  death. This way he showed her he was upset and angry. Dear women! If you love your men, please save their nerves and LIVES! Go shopping alone.

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