Today at 4.30 am by New York time famous american singer Chris Brown was arrested in Washington, D.C. . He was accused in beating and hurling a gay guy.
The fight happened late night. The gay victim says that his friend and  he saw two women carrying a picture of Chris Brown. Since they were not his fans, the guys laughed at girls and made fun of the picture. The singer was watching this and it drove him crazy. So he hit the probable victim on face, but got no punch back.
Medical tests showed that young rapper and producer was not under influence of alcohol, drugs or anything else.
Since according to Washington, D.C. laws Chris Brown and his bodyguard can’t get a bail, they will stay in jail till Monday, untill they meet a judge.
The singer is still on his probation period. Because in 2009 he punched his girlfriend Rihanna, even tried to strangle her, then Chris locked her in the car and disappeared. Some time later he came to police. Rihanna’s boyfriend Chris was sentenced to 5 years of probabtion. And now he punches one more person, when the probation period is not finshed yet. This way the singer can be sentenced to 4 years of prison

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