Christmasmiracle’ full of pleasant surprises for WestJet’s passengers

250 passengers on WestJet’s flight from Toronto to Calgary. The Canadian airline carried out an elaborate plan to surprise the unwitting passengers with the Christmas gifts they wished for. The great thing about the whole amazing incident is that it was captured on camera.

A boy who received a tablet hugs Santa
A boy who received a tablet hugs Santa

WestJet has taken the Canadian air travel industry by storm. It has progressively grown as an airline to reckon with in the Canadian market. Staffs are asked to be funny, even poking jokes at themselves. This brand of marketing and customer interaction has paid off and now WestJet has announced plans to expand their coverage to the Caribbean, Europe and the greater American continent. The latest advertisement stunt hit home.


This is the second time that WestJet is carrying out the ‘Christmas-wish-granted’ stunt. The passengers wrote their Christmas wishes as they boarded the flight and the information was sent ahead to Calgary. Staff in Calgary then had a mad dash to stores to ensure the gifts were bought, wrapped and labeled appropriately before the arrival of the 4-hour flight.

When the WestJet Santa went into action, gifts handed out included television sets, underwear, laptops, socks, tablet computers and toys. One child is quoted as saying it is the best Christmas of his life. He had just received a toy train.

Once the video recorded 500,000 hits, WestJet lived up to its promise of donating flights to needy families. The video has over 30 million views now on YouTube. This year, the proceeds were donated to a kids’ care center.images

Oh, did we forget to mention that the elaborate Christmas miracle took 19 hidden cameras and 150 staff members to execute. The vice president of the airline said in a press statement that their aim was to surprise their guests with personalized gifts that were meaningful to them when they least expected it.

I bet you wish you were on that flight.

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