anigif_enhanced-buzz-6693-1386801307-25_previewThe five years old girl called Claire is so intelligent in her behaviors. In an occasion of “Santa is his name-o” she showed her performance for her parents in an amazing way. Her parents are both deaf. They can not hear anything. On that day the celebration was in voice but the girl knew very well that her parents were deaf and they can not hear anything. On that day her parents were presented there and they were very much eager to see her performance on that day. Every parents became very much happy when they saw their kids are performing very well in front of them. There were many parents and many kids also there. The kids are together performing there and the parents were the audience. The parents of the girl Clarie were there in time. Now the time is come to present the presentation  in front of the parents.


The performance was to sing songs. But Clarie knew very well that her parents will not be able to hear anything if she sings a song. That’s why she presented the songs with her body language so that her parents will able to understand the situation and the meanings of the songs. The five years old girl what a surprise. People of there were very much surprised to see the performance of the girl. They all looked at the girl only. The quality of the girl is totally different from others. Moreover the IQ of the girl is very sharp and she know the presentation very well and she knows the situations very well as well. Claire’s parentages might not have been talented to catch her performance, but she complete unquestionable they’d like it just the similar. 5 year-old Claire Koch was instinctive to two deafened parentages, and American Sign Language was her chief linguistic. As sixty of her aristocracies used general pointer gestures, Claire selected to use ASL, much to her parents’ astonishment.

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