climate controlled cityA climate-controlled city will be built by the government of Dubai so that tourists can come even on the scorching hot summer months to shop in the world’s largest mall or relax at the indoor parks, health resorts, theater, and  hotels.

According to reports, the planned city will be built in a lot with an area of 4.45 million square meters and it will be covered with a dome made of glass. Covered during the hot summer months, the city will have a cool temperature, which will allow tourists to feel comfortable while shopping or visiting the various tourist attractions. During the winter months when it is cold, the dome will be opened.

“It is our ambition to make Dubai a tourist destination the whole year round and we can only do this if the city will have a favorable climate all year round and this is the main reason for building this climate-controlled city,” Sheik Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, stated. Currently, millions of tourists visit Dubai during the cold months to shop at the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall but during the hot summer months, only a few dare to stay long.

Dubai has become famous for its numerous shopping centers, hotels, and entertainment and amusement places. It has become a hub for transportation and as the financial center of the region.

The domed-city will be built by the Sheik’s developer firm, the Dubai Holding.


“This project will make UAE a tourist destination for the whole year,” the Sheik added. It is estimated that once the climate-controlled city is completed, it will draw in 180 million tourists.

Just recently, Dubai won over Turkey, Brazil and Russia in a bid to host the World Expo Trade Fair in the coming 2020.

Nothing was mentioned with regards to the budget for this project or the date when it will be started.


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