Coca-cola bottles were recalled from the market after the company received several complaints from customers that the drink tasted strange.


Around 2 million Coca-cola personalized bottles with the label Michael from the batch of personalized bottles released into the market were found to have a different taste. What caught the attention of this bottling company was that only bottles with the name Michael were found by consumers to have that odd taste. This batch was part of the company’s share a coke promo. The bottles were printed with “Share a coke with Michael”.

Analysis of the drink was conducted in the company’s laboratory and it was discovered that the strange flavor in the drink was top soil and although it tasted unpleasant, it would not cause bodily harm to those who ingested it.

An investigation was made and it was found out that a female employee mixed top soil to the drinks made for the batch, which resulted to the odd flavor. When asked why she did this, the woman revealed that she was angry at a supervisor who harassed her and other female employees and she did this as part of her revenge. She further told investigators that she brought the top soil in her purse every time she reported on duty and she poured some into the processed drinks to be put inside the Michael bottles. Other employees stated that they were sometimes treated like animals by the said supervisors and this could have led the employee to do what she did as reiteration.

However, the woman would have to face what she had done considering that it was the company that had to pay for what she had done.

Customers who had bought coca-cola were instructed to give details to the company and to send back residue of the drinks so that they would be refunded in the form of gift certificates.


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