The little boy Colo is a six years old boy. He kissed a girl in her hand. But the school had taken as sexual harassment and the school has suspended the boy from the school. Now he is at home he could not go to school. He wants to go to school but the school authority did not permit him to enter in to the school. During the time of kissing his mother punished the boy for kissing a girl. She did know very well that the school authority is very strong in these sides. For this reason she punished her son so that the authority did not take any action against him. His mother asked the girl is she has any problem. The girl who took the kiss said that she had no problem. But thee school committee decided to suspend the boy from the school for his sexual harassment of a girl. It is not possible for a 6 years old boy to make sexual harassment to a girl.


The mom of the boy requested the authority not to take any action against the little boy. Actually the did not understand any thing of sexual harassment. He only kissed the girl only to show affection to the girl nothing else. According to his mom it is too much to suspend a 6 years old boy for sexual harassment. It is not  fair for the mom of the boy. She loved her kids very much. Now the kid is in home he has no school to go. What a pain. Region manager Robin Gooldy told The Related Press on Tuesday the boy was postponed because of a rule in contradiction of unwelcome moving. He told that the emphasis needed to be on his conduct. They typically try to get the scholar to stop, but if it lasts, they essential to take act and it occasionally rises to the equal of postponement.


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