The specialty license plate in Georgia has revived a debate amongst people who deemed that the confederate battle flag displayed on several plates would honor the Confederate heritage and people who states that doing so would be racially discriminating and would spark racial outrage.

Officials of the state of Georgia have once more passed the approval for a special license plate which displays the Confederate flag on its background.  This move created outrage from advocates of civil rights and led to the revival of the debate among those      party who sees that the symbol brings honor to the heritage of the Confederate and those side who believes that it is charged with racism.

The group who requested for the recent plate design was initiated by the Georgian divisions of the Son of Confederate Veterans.  Their previous plate features a small Confederate battle flag while the new specialty license plate displays a bigger image in the background covering the whole plate.  The request was eventually recently approved by the Department of Revenue of the state of Georgia.

The group’s spokesman, Ray McBerry, explained that their group did not intend to offend anyone and only meant to honor their heritage.  He added that to preserves one heritage is every person’s right.  They, Southerners, he said have a lot of right to be proud of their history just like anyone else.

Maynard Eaton, spokesman for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, opposed the idea saying that it was reprehensible since they don’t have special license plate displaying “Black Power”.

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