Some of us may have experienced joining in a conference call. Usually, the ones who used to avail this service were those people in the business enterprise. However, with the rising popularity of freemium VoIP (voice-over-Internet Protocol) service such as Skype where it is more convenient and practical, almost anyone can conduct a conference call at the comforts of their home.

Have you ever thought of how a conference call may play out in real life? In this video, Tripp and Tyler made a humorous take on this and tried to depict a meeting between four people that was supposedly conducted through a conference call. Their funny and witty approach in delivering the setbacks and technical problems that usually happen when having a conference call, made it look really freakingly hilarious when those situation indeed occur in real life and puts it in perspective.

The following are the common conference calls problems that were depicted by the genius people behind the cringeworthy but dead on accurate video clip:

group of people negotiate at the desk
1.Poor coordination by call-initiator
Chaos may occur when a group does not have leader. The leader is responsible for managing the discussion and making sure that the meeting will be smooth flowing by giving everyone ample time to share his/her ideas in order to avoid misunderstanding. In one skit of the video, everyone seemed to be speaking in chorus which is a no-no in real life business setting.


2. Background noise and disturbances
Background noise is any noise that comes from a participant apart from their voice. One scene made it seem that a dog was barking and another scene had a blender noise on the background. It is amusing since it do happen in real life especially if a call is made within the confines of one’s home or when one is inside a café.


3. Lack of familiarity with the equipment and technology
Some technical disturbances such as hearing echo or voice glitches and having poor voice quality may arise which is inevitable if you don’t have the proper equipment or voice settings and sufficient grasp of the technology just like what happened in the video. Poor internet connection also contributes to these problems just like the comical depiction of the clip of how a man disappeared out of the blue while discussing something biggest perhaps his connection was cut off.

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