It was such a great tragedy indeed.  A father just wanted to teach his son some lesson after his son took his truck without asking for his permission.  He called the police just to scare his son but it ended heartbreakingly after his teenager son’s life ended at the hand of the police.

Enormous regret and sorrow must what James Comstock might have felt after hearing the aftermath of his decision to call the cops on his son.  Comstock shared to the Des Moines Register that he called the local police after Tyler, his son, took his truck after he denied buying his son some cigarettes.

Adam McPherson, Ames Police officer, reported that he found the company vehicle of a lawn care service provider.  He followed the truck as it entered the campus of the Iowa State University.  When Tyler noticed that he was being pursued by the cops, he resisted and launched a short standoff between him and the cops.  Tyler allegedly refused to turn off the truck’s engine as ordered.

McPherson decided to fire six shots onto the truck.  Two of the shots managed to hit Tyler who was eventually declared dead.  McPherson insists that it was necessary to fire those shots because it was the only way to end the threat brought by Tyler to the police officers as well as to the public.

James Comstock current cry is justice for his son’s death.  He said his son was helpless, unarmed and stands no chance against the cops.  He was distraught, thinking it only started because of a pack of cigarettes.


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