Meet this amazing couple who has been married for around 81 years and whose relationship is still going strong and who are still greatly in love with each other.  Read their story and find the secret behind a long lasting love and be touched by the love story!

There are only a few people in the United States whose marriage lasted longer than these two lovely beings.  John and Ann Betar are bound to celebrate their 81st wedding anniversary.  The couple shared their story to the Daily Mail while they were caressing each others’ hand the whole interview at their humble abode on Long Island Sound, New York.

John and Ann met and fell in love with each other as teenagers in the peaceful and tightly bonded Syrian neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  When they knew that Ann’s father arranged her to be married to another man, they agreed to elope and run away from home by the year 1932.

According to Ann, when she was just 18 years old, her father pushed her to marry a much older man.  Now Ann, 98, adoringly says that even though John who was 21 years old at that time was not the boy next door type, he was for her the boy across the street whom she dearly loved.

John used to drive Ann to high school in his Ford Roadster. He jokingly said that Ann married her because she loved that car.  By the time they got married, Ann’s family was fuming mad.  Ann’s aunt tried to console her father by saying that there is no need to worry for their marriage would not surely last.  But John and Ann proved them wrong!

The couple now holds the record as the longest married couple in the United States of America according to the Worldwide Marriage Encounter.  Their secret? Always agree with your wife as per advice by John.

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