A couple from Pennsylvania tries to sell a house with the attempt of advertising it as a “slightly haunted” home.  It is a 1901 Victorian home located at 1217 Marion Street in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.  On Zillow’s real-estate site, the home was listed as “slightly haunted” and it jokingly added that “nothing was serious though”.

The 113 year old Victorian home is owned by a couple named Gregory and Sandi Leeson.  After several mysterious banging of the doors, the weird and unusual noises from their basement, and the consistent feeling that someone or something is behind them, certainly crept and freaked out the homeowners.  That is why they were convinced that they have to give up the house and sell it.  When they placed the Victorian home in northeastern Pennsylvania for sale, they thought of advertising it as a “slightly haunted” home which was actually playfully written by Gregory Leeson.  Now, they are regretting about posting their home’s spooky and weird charm.

Calls from ghost enthusiasts and hunters were coming in.  There were several curious individuals who visited the house but there were no legitimate buyers at all.  However, it also attracted the attention of local as well as the national media.

The four-bedroom room is being sold in the market for a reasonable price of $ 144,000.  Unfortunately, there are no actual buyers.  They only thing they were getting were some bothersome people and nonsensical cuckoos.

Gregory Leeson, 35 year old who works in information technology, said that he tried to word it with a bit of sense humor, but he did not think it helped with marketing.  They are hoping that by the time Spring comes which is thought to bring more traffic.  However, if it still does not sell, the Leeson family can always rent it out by the night for people who were looking out spooky thrills.


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