Parenting is like juggling five things at once. The role of parent is exhausting but priceless. We all know how we salute our parents in raising a legendary human being you are right now. Sooner or later, we will do the same thing to our children. So these are some creative hacks that you can do to make parenting fun and colorful.


1. Suit Up!

Who says a baby can’t help you with your chores? Just make sure that the floor is not too dusty for your kids to mop. He can crawl and do the mopping at the same time with this cute furry little suit. It looks comfortable to wear.









2. Shoe Caddy

It is so hard to put all your things in a bag and get it over and over again. So why don’t you just put it in front of you using a shoe caddy. This is good for a long drive.



3. Knight’s Helmet

Some kids are irritable when wearing a hat or bonnet especially when it’s cold outside. So to make it more appealing and wearable, they might enjoy wearing this Knight’s Helmet.




4. Tattoo 

You wouldn’t be scared much if you try to put this on your child’s skin. The temporary tattoo for lost and found. Just remember to place it somewhere people would be easily noticed.



5. Pacifier Dropper

Some kids hate to see that long tube dropper and sometimes it’s traumatizing. So for less drama and trauma, try the pacifier dropper.




6.  STRAWberry

Teach your kid to remove the stem by themselves using a straw.


7. Shower Cap

Babies can enjoy bath time with this shower cap.






8. Sandwich Guide

No gap, full stomach sandwich trick for parents.





9. Monstersticide Spray

Kids are too worried about monsters under the bed, maybe this cute spray bottle can help them to worry less.





10. Forget-met-not mittens

Your kids may enjoy holding your hands and helps you not to lose them in public.







A DVD case where you can use to store drawing materials for your kids.




12. Stair Slide

Use a cardboard to put a little fun in your house. Just be careful!




13. Ziptie

This can be an alternative for nails to hold the baby gates to the banister.





14.  Time-out bottle

Fill in a 3/4 of water, glitter glue and some ultra-fine glitter to make your kid rest while watching the glitter settling. They need to flip the bottle until the glitter settle. This can also help your kids to calm down.





15. Laundry Basket

Guard those bath toys with the laundry basket to avoid escaping.




16. Bottle Faucet Extender

This helps your kids to wash their hands on their own.





17.  Save by the mug

Mug can helps you to heat multiple bowls at once in your microwave.




18. Side Flaps

Teach them not to squeeze too much the juice boxes by holding the side flaps.




19. Kid-sized Hammock


20. Lint Roller

This will help you to pick up glitter easily.




21. Challenge Note

Kids will be forced to do their responsibility if their is a reward.




22. Cupcake Holder

It can be used to avoid little hands from getting sticky.





23. Crib Table

Use your creativity with this clever trick for the crib. Especially when the toddlers are no longer toddlers.




24. Tooth fairy Money 

Put on a glitter and put it under their pillow to add a little fantasy in reality.




25. Crazy Straw

Put the crazy straw upside-down to prevent yanking it right out of the cup.





26. Sweet Note

Having a baby on a plane is quite annoying to some especially if they start crying. So leaving a sweet note of reminder for your seatmate might be a good idea.




27. Box Fan

You kids might enjoy sleeping or playing on a bed with this box fan.






28. Cut Pool Noodle

It prevents little fingers of your kids getting slammed.




29. Baking Soda

Baking soda and water over the remaining puke can help you easily clean it all up. Just let the baking soda and water dry until it turns powdery then vacuum it.




30. Another Baking Soda




31. Pool Noodle


df45dce7f0c77d6de8ddba127488497b_650x (1)



32. Make it Right Sticker

To be able for your kids to determine the proper way of putting on their shoes, try to insert a sticker inside and let them do the puzzle thing.





33.  Rubber bands

For your kids not to lose their appetite because they see the apple slices getting brown, try to put it all together with the rubber bands.




34. Vapor Rub





35. Twinsy T-Shirt

Having twins might sometimes confused their parents or other people so why put a mark on. A trademark like this shirt with highlighted “A” and “B” in a baby word.



I hope these are helpful hacks for you guys!

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