Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If you don’t have the guts to watch this cringe-worthy car crash, then I advise you to stop here. Your heart is just going to break especially if you are one car enthusiast as you witness this Lamborghini Aventador crash with two other cars.

The ill-fated moment of the car crash between the Lamborghini Aventador and two other cars which looks like a Mazda and a BMW took place in the crowded and narrow streets of Sloane in London. The Youtube video clip already garnered an astonishing 7 million views for just a minute and 30 seconds long video. It looks like a lot o people just wants to witness and feast on the misery of others especially the unfortunate happening of spoiled and rich kids. It appears that the Lamborghini Aventador was going at a speed of at least a whooping 28 miles per hour when it collided unto the Mazda vehicle as it was pulling out. The damage brought by the destructive crash was really devastating. The owners of the cars must be crying buckets of tears right now because of shame and additional expenses for the repair, insurance fees, and other matters to be paid to think that equipments or materials for such luxury cars are undoubtedly extra expensive than normal cars. They are surely going to shell out thousands of dollars out of their pockets. Probably the young rich kid who was driving the Aventador with a blonde chick is kneeling before his daddy and begging him to forgive him and sustain the cost for the repairs of the damage. Or, on the second thought, maybe he’ll just ask for a new car. The only good thing is that no one got hurt or injured by the whole accident. Both drivers of the mentioned cars came out without a single scratch.

Who is really at fault of this unfortunate car crash incidence? You be the judge.

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