A sheer brutal act of inhumanity and heartlessness was shown recently by a mother-Emma Wilson, when she battered her 11-year-old son to death, causing him serious injuries on the skull after which the innocent child succumbed to his injuries. Baby Callum was so violently beaten by Emma that had caused even her neighbor’s ceiling to shake.


Callum was immediately rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where he was reported to have suffered a fatal brain damage. The attack left Callum with a broken leg and arm and nine fractured ribs. Not only this, the psychopath-Wilson, also posed next to the crying baby boy and took a selfie, grinning.

After the incident, when Emma Wilson was called for an explanation she still confidently continued with her inhuman nature  and attacked her other two-year child saying he was responsible for Callum’s death as he was jealous of him. Wilson had always kept other people in delusions that Callum was her cousin’s son. However, Wilson couldn’t escape from the eyes of jury at Old Bailey who declared her as guilty.

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Some shocking revelations came out during the course of trial! When Callum was born on April 23, 2010, she had left him Wexham Park Hospital. She had kept this secret for almost seven months and claimed that she did coz her boyfriend Neil Richardson said she couldn’t cope up with two-children at a time.

During her cross examination, Paul Dunkels QC said “It couldn’t have been your eldest child, climbing up the furniture and jumping off.”

Next morning Wilson herself called up an emergency operator saying Callum was ‘lifeless and not doing anything’. Wilson made every attempt in order to justify that she was not guilty but according Paul Dunkels she was unable to give any concrete explanation justifying her innocent stand. Wilson is now charged for the murder and will be sentenced on 24th January.

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