Fans of the `Twin Peaks’ series of the 1990s have some good news to look forward to. The popular TV series took an unexpected break in 1991. The series was cancelled after the director revealed a long-standing secret in the plot, the murder of Laura Palmer, and the ratings fell, prompting ABC to put the series in indefinite limbo.

Primetime hit: The first season of Twin Peaks was nominated for 14 Emmys
The first season of Twin Peaks was nominated for 14 Emmys, it was a primetime hit series

The series had fallen to 85th place in ranking and the director is recalled saying that he regretted caving in to network pressure and revealing the plot point that led to the show’s demise. After it was cancelled, the series spawned a 1992 movie, ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ which focused on the last few days of the murdered Laura Palmer.

Losing heat: Once the mystery of 'Who Killed Laura Palmer?' was solved (played by Sheryl Lee, who also portrayed lookalike cousin Maddy), audiences lost interest
Once the mystery of ‘Who Killed Laura Palmer?’ was solved, audiences quickly lost interest.

In the last episode of the series, the ghost of Laura Palmer tells an FBI agent that they will meet again in 25 years. And that seems to be exactly what is happening.

Recently, the director of the series, David Lynch, has been gearing up to shoot a promotional flick for the series or movie. He has been recruiting actors for the TWIN PEAKS PROMO. The shooting will take place in Los Angeles. The actors he is looking for are to work six hours a day or less. One of his recruitment ads asks for Caucasian girls who can play the role of a waitress.

A special anniversary edition of the series is heading to Blu-Ray in the foreseeable future and it is speculated that the footage being currently shot in Los Angeles may feature in the Blu ray. The series had stellar reviews and critical acclaim. It also garnered 14 nominations at the Emmys. ABC network had its highest rating in four years due to the series. Fans of the series now have a hope that they will see the proper end f the series since it was cut abruptly and left them in suspense.

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