beautiful girl

It is just the cutest thing ever! Dad’s song soothes baby girl who was crying.

beautiful girlArtist and singer Tyrone Wells has been singing to his adorable daughter, Aria, ever since she was born. But it was just only recently that his video wherein his song was playing in the background soothing his daughter went viral on Youtube. It received an overwhelming feedback from the netizens as thousands of people caught were touched and caught on to the tender father-daughter relationship.

Tyrone Wells said in the description box that his song “Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World” is the only thing that works every time his beloved daughter gets tantrums. Viewers did not think his daughter could get any cuter but as it continued through 20 seconds, a very cute and endearing reaction from Aria is presented before our eyes as her father’s song is played along. On the said video, the baby girl was sitting in her car seat as Tyrone Wells and company were on the road back home after a gig in Wine Country. This just proves the fact that music connects the soul of two people and pacifies troubled hearts.

Tyrone Wells is a singer/songwriter who resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife and his cute daughter. His songs have been featured in several American televisions such as American Idol, Intervention, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Felicity, Scrubs and The Vampire Diaries among others. He also contributed to the original soundtracks of films like My Sister’s Keeper, Something Borrowed and Rail and Ties.

Here is the cute and adorable song’s, “Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World”’s sample lyrics:
You fit me perfectly; darling it’s plain to see
You are a beautiful girl
Here in the present tense, next to your innocence
*This is a beautiful world A beautiful girl, makes a beautiful world (*twice)

Given the lyrics, it really shows how much Tyrone Wells adores her cute baby girl.

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