First, Belka’s owner demonstrates to her the proper howling.  Looks like a fun howling lesson to me!


The video below is just simply explodes in cuteness!  Watch this adorable video of a young boy as he teaches his 3 week old husky pet how to howl.

When we were just babies, we were taught to talk through imitation.  We listen to our parents as they instill new words unto our young and flexible mind.  I guess it is just the same with our pet dogs as exemplified by this adorable You Tube video posted.  The video already garnered a whooping 6 million views.

The video stars Belka, a three week old mixed breed.  It is an Alaskan malamute slash Siberian husky.  Belka starts to learn how to howl with the help of her persevering human boy owner.  The little pup imitates her young master as she sits on top of the boy’s chest.  It is for sure a call of the wild as Belka test out her howling skills while chirruping tiny sounds which sounded more like a baby bird rather than the usual doggy howling sounds.


The first try was so cute as the little pup attempts to do her first howl.


Now, this part shows a proud moment wherein Belka howled and sounded almost like a wolf.  The little boy might regret teaching his little pet how to howl.  It will be quite a while before the howling energy will run down.  Belka really now is getting a hang of it.  Belka begun lifting her nose up to the sky and howled like a brave tiny wolf.

As shared by her masters who lived in the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, in Churchill, Manitoba in the beautiful country of Canada, Belka is a Russian word that means ‘squirrel’.



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