There is this one dad who wrote a touching and special confession letter to his beloved daughter who has Down Syndrome that would definitely break your heart to pieces.


Heath White, a competitive runner and a successful former air force pilot, received the news together with her wife that their soon to be daughter would come out having Down Syndrome.  This sad news scared Heath White who is now working as an FBI agent from Texas  since being used to living a seemingly perfect life, it would entail a great deal of adjusting and a shift from his routine.  It even prompted him to think about considering abortion but when baby Paisley came to the world last 2007, he knew that he together with his wife made the right decision to change their minds and to save the life of his precious daughter.  That decision made him into a new and changed man.  He was enlightened that his baby is not an obstacle but an irreplaceable gift and was even regretful for even thinking of refusing such a precious gift.

Just to give back to her beloved child, Heath White wrote a heart touching confession letter to his baby Paisley.  He hoped that Paisley may be able to read it someday.  He was honest enough that he even wrote in the confession letter his selfishness and fear that almost cost the life of his dear child and that he was sorry and entirely wrong to even thought of it.  He poured all his heart out to his confession letter.

You better prepare some tissues guys for the feels!

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