Elvis Aaron Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, death in 1977 has taken one most celebrated musician of the twentieth century from us. On 9 December, 2013, Elvis fans got the chance to hear Elvis voice once again. However, this was not Elvis real voice but a voice very close to it.

A 16-year old boy, David Thibault sang one Elvis classic and millions of fans enjoyed the song. His song video got 5-million views within a week of its upload.

David Thibault is an Elvis impersonator and a French Canadian singer. He speaks really good English but he is a native French speaker.

On December 9, 2013, he became famous Elvis impersonator when a radio station CKOI-FM uploaded a video of him singing Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” on YouTube. Everyone was astonished with the wonderful talent of David Thibault.

David Thibault fame can also be seen on the December 23, 2013, The Ellen Degeneres Show. On Ellen Show, he also showed his talent.

Elvis was an American singer and began his career as a singer in 1954. He died when he was 42 because of the severe drug abuse had negatively impacted his health. In the history, he is the top best selling artist with the record sale of 600 million units around the world.

Elvis music is highly loved by all because of his unique style. He was nominated for 14 Grammy awards and got three Grammys. At the age of 36, he received Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

This video is the first video of David Thibault that was uploaded by radio station CKOI-FM on December 9, 2013. After hearing this, you will know for sure why this video became viral and everyone heard what this 16 years old boy was singing, Listen and enjoy Elvis voice again.

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