Deaf football star player from Seattle stars in a Duracell commercial. The commercial’s main man is Seahawk fullback Derrick Coleman who is considered the very first offensive player to ever land and play in the National Football League.

The main concept of the Duracell commercial is to trust your power. It states that when the entire world says no, you have two choices, it is either you roll over and quit or you trust yourself and your power. What did the famous running back, Derrick Coleman choose? He opted to trust his power within.

Even though Coleman is deaf, he never let this disability hinder and stop him from fulfilling his dream to join in the NFL as one of the players for his state. He did everything to achieve his dreams no matter what the circumstances may be. He motivated himself to do his best even if a lot of factors is pulling him down mostly due to his hearing adversities. He was even bullied during his younger years but that did not stop him from moving forward.

Coleman was not drafted in 2012 even if he had a bright career at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Nevertheless, he made it to the Seahawks this season. He had 3 catches for 30 yards in his first game play with the team. In addition, he was also able to catch a touchdown pass against the Saints.

The video which was posted on Youtube has amazingly acquired total views of a whooping 22 million views. One of the most inspiring quotes in the video clip is that “They told me it could not be done. They gave up on me. They told me it was over, but I have been deaf since I was three so I didn’t listen.’ It was such a powerful statement indeed!

Watch the video below and be inspired.

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