Death is inevitable. It always wins. That is what Daniel Jose Older concluded in his fascinating essay about the craziest things that he has ever seen based on his real life encounter in rescue situation since he is a paramedic after all.

It is usually during parties that he gets people asking about the craziest things and insanely tragic accident that he handled. Oftentimes he just lies. Maybe it is too painful for him or perhaps it is just too bothersome. But other times, he does gives in and shares some of his grim experience.

Older is not feel anxious about death anymore. After several encounters of people who struggled death, who defied death and who lost against death, he has come to terms with the fact that death is inevitable himself and made peace with it.

Whenever there is a case that calls for him to revive a dying person, he has a simple outlook on the situation: He has to accept the truth that the patient has past his/her due date and move on or if not, he stays and tries his best to resurrect the dying.

How can you tell if a person is dead? Well, Older has a set of criteria. If the person has begun decaying, if rigor mortis is observed, if there is complete blood loss and if there is skin discoloration, then you can tell that the person is definitely dead. He has a term “obvious death” which he uses to describe bizarre deaths. Death such as incineration, decapitations, dismemberment and splattering of any body organs belong to this. This means that they basically can’t do anything about it, that there is no way for anyone to revive a person in an “obvious death”. These obvious deaths are usually the tales that he shares to people in parties since these are usually what keep them curious and attentive.

Death is indeed inevitable. No one can escape from it.

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