You definitely graduated in high School in 2004 up until 2006 if you experienced these 17 signs. If you are around 24 to 26 years old or even above that, you may find nodding yourself in affirmation and shaking your head in apprehension after reading this list.
1. When you hang out to clubs and bars, you don’t run into ex-schoolmates as often as before anymore and you may feel out of place since it is now usually occupied by teenagers and guys and gals on their early 20s.
2. Movies you saw in high school are turning 10 years old now and you may feel ancient.
3. You’re shocked as you realized that the 10 year old younger brother or sister of your friend that you used to know has changed a lot and is in fact fully developed already that you don’t recognized him/her anymore.
4. You’re weighing whether to attend your 10th reunion or not thinking it is not use anyway since you can check their updates online.
5. You get to experience the “quarter-life crises”. You ask thought provoking questions about your own life. Have you achieved happiness or not? Do you find joy in your career? Have you met the love of your life?
6. People your age are either getting engaged or married that every time you hear such news, you just sigh and move on with whatever you are doing.
7. One way of assessing friendship is through wedding invitation.
8. Friends and acquaintances break up easily after their marriage and no matter how sad, you get a thrill knowing your long time crush is now available and single.
9. People you know are having kids. You may feel shocked at first but later on you get the hang of it.
10. High School sweethearts are getting back together.
11. You are less tolerable to alcohol.
12. You don’t enjoy hanging out in malls field with youngsters.
13. You don’t look forward to your next birthday.
14. You feel jealous hearing people who graduate before you achieving more than you do.
15. You try hard to being a fan of the music, sport, or artist younger than you.
16. Your body is getting old and dysfunctional.
17. Your brain is failing you.

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