freakA very strange human creature was born in an ordinary American family. Somehow this “baby” has lived 26 years and still feels very good.
This creature’s parents found out that the baby is not normal when the woman was pregnant. The ultrasound showed that the baby had no testicles and no penis. Since it was very late to do anything, the couple had nothing to do but bring into the world this child. Even though the doctors had warned the family about the originality of the baby, father was shocked when saw his “child”.
The couple did its best to raise this creature. But there were many problems the baby had within life: getting work, guys would always stare at this human being, calling each other and saying “you should see this. I wish you were here to see”. But somehow this being is used to living in such conditions.
The doctors state that this case is not unique , half of the couples faces this problem. Of course this creature’s father says he wishes his baby was born healthy, different and with male organs, and treated like other kids. . And he is very happy his other two children were born healthy
Note: The source of the material is the Onion, the first satirical channel

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