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An Arizona detective for the state’s police force resigns due to legal matters particularly over illegal immigrant condition.  This was after he detective was discovered that she was living in the state illegally after coming to the United States from Mexico together with her family when she was just young.

Carmen Figueroa, 42 years old, who was a criminal investigations detective stated that she was under the impression and persuasion by her mother was she was legally born in the United States when in fact, records from the Department of Public Safety showed that she was actually born In Sinaloa, Mexico.  Figueroa’s illegal residence status was discovered during the processing of an application for a passport submitted by her brother who is also serving in the United States.  Bart Graves, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, reported that the former detective volunteered to resign but would have been fired eventually if she did not step down from her position willingly.  He added that a criminal investigation is on progress.

Graves said that the former detective violated the Arizona law that required sworn police officers and detectives to be full pledge United States citizens.  The state police agency would eventually have to terminate her for the basis of misrepresentation for not qualifying for the said position as well as for fraud.  Tucson television station KVOA, was the first to report her status.

Figueroa has been serving the Arizona state police agency for 10 years already.  She was particularly assigned as a highway patrol officer during her first couple of years in service and was just promoted as criminal investigations detective last 2010.  In addition to that Figueroa has had an exemplary record an her resignation from the agency would not compromise the investigation of the matter nor the prosecution.

The former detective however cannot be reached and contacted for her reaction over the findings.

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