Well, former US senator Al Gore from Tennessee who served as vice president in the Clinton administration has invested in the multimillion dollar fracking industry. Gore who is a known strong environmentalist will be pumping millions of dollars into PetroBakken Resources which is a Canadian-based fracking company.

Al Gore

This comes on the back of the sale of Al Gore’s cable broadcaster Current to Aljazeera. Aljazeera is funded by oil wealth in the Middle East. These two transactions have raised questions as they are in stark contrast to the ex-VP’s profile as a very vibrant and vocal environmentalist. He will be investing over 200 million dollars in the fracking company which accounts for about 15% of the stake in the company. The controversy deepened upon revelations that the company, PetroBakken, develops unconventional resources such as tar sands and shale gas which are both very controversial with environmentalists.

When contacted, Gore defended himself with logic and vehemence. He said that if he had not invested in the company, someone else would. He claimed that he saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. He further asked if nature cared who invests in the companies that cause pollution. He added that a kilo of carbon was a kilo of carbon no matter who owns the company that made it. He concluded that there is enough pollution already and that his investment would not put an extra molecule of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than there already is.

From his point of view and when asked about the morality of his actions, Gore said that he was a Robin Hood since he is taking polluted Arab money, investing it in his company and will then use the money to finance documentaries and educational material about climate change. He could not however disclose if all the profits will be used in this charitable manner or if it will be just a fraction of the whole.

So there you have it, if you are a committed environmentalist, invest in some environmentally damaging investment and use the proceeds to finance awareness about global warming and environmental degradation.

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