A dog showed the perfect example of loyalty in china’s northwest town of Tinchuan. The canine’s friend had been knocked over in the busy street and lay dead in the middle of the road. What transpired next left pedestrians and motorists alike in awe. The surviving dog stayed by his fallen comrade through the night and into the next day. When it got too cold, the dog just curled up close to the other dead dog. Oblivious to the danger that lurked on the busy street, the dog just stayed there.


Sympathetic passersby asked a business owner in the area to place a stool as a marker of the spot where the two dogs lay so that passing vehicles would not knock them over, saying that the drivers have to be careful not to hit them. The temperature that night is recorded to have dropped to -130C.

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The sandy-coloured dog stayed by the dead white dog through the night until when restaurant workers whose establishment is near the place where the dogs were came, took away the body of the dead dog and buried it. The sandy-coloured dog followed them and stayed around them through the burial. It is only when the other dog had been buried under a tree at the nearby tree park that the loyal friend went away.


Photographs and videos taken by passing pedestrians went viral on the internet and brought to attention the plight of animals in china. The internet went abuzz with sympathy for the dead dog and calls for china to catch up with animal welfare so that an incident like this does not happen again.

Animal rights in china and the laws safeguarding them are factually non-existent, and where they are, there is very little enforcement.


It would have been a better ending for the incident to have the killed dog removed and the friend taken into a shelter, instead of him running off into the traffic, probably to meet with a tragic end too.

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