2013-11-27-NICUM-thumbIf there any friend of yours in the hospital with a child then what should do for him. Many one do different types of sympathetic things as like a helper. Today I will provide some tips to doing the right and don’t do the wrong. The very first you have to know the what is right and what is wrong. When your friend or other relative are in the hospital then you do many things that you think that is right for you and for your friend and relatives. But sometimes it may not drop a positive feelings. Sometimes it may drop a negative feelings. So let’s start to do and not to do. When they are in their place then you should not call them at all rather you should you should let them know that you are here.  You should not forget about asking the diagnosis.


You should ask him about the medicine and about the condition. You should look after them in some major issues. You should ask about the major surgery test and properly support them informing about the real and proper sources. You should never ignore them in their difficulties rather should raise a big hand for help and good wishes. You should always encourage him in his situations and make him strong for that. You have to make them understand that they are not in the hospital in their problems rather than you should make them understand that they are in a good day. If possible please don’t make them feel that they are in necessity. Please bring and provide the necessary items to them in their problem. For this they will feel very happy in their mind. When you are apart from them then never wait for their phone call rather you should call them and ask for their well being.


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