Several dozens of bunnies ran after a woman as she jogged in a park in Japan. It turned out that the woman was feeding the fluffy balls with bits of food.

Yu Yu Lam was seen in a picture posted in her Facebook jogging while the bunnies are running after her. The image is funny and amazing as Ms. Lam appeared to be hounded by hundreds of her fluffy admirers. The picture recalled to mind the man in the story The Pied Piper of Hamelin but instead of a man being followed by hundreds of rats, this time, it was a woman followed by hundreds of bunnies.

It seemed that the woman had been giving the bunnies bits of food for a few days. Hence, every time they saw the woman, they associated her with food. For this reason, every time the bunnies saw her, they would run to her and she knew that they were asking for food. So, the woman also developed the habit of bringing bits of food so as not to disappoint her friends.

Japan has been known for its cafes where customers can play with many kinds of animals. An owl café means you can see and touch an owl while sipping your coffee while a cat café means you can play with cats while relaxing. In a bunny café, customers can play with the bunnies and feed them.

These cafes have grown popular as families with small children find it fun to take their children to these places. The children can have a grand time playing with the animals while their parents relax with a cup of coffee.

Bunnies Cafe
Bunnies have become popular in Japan that even a cafe is named for them.

These business establishments are fast becoming popular. Some feature funny names derived from animals. It is no wonder then that bunnies are seen running after the woman. It seems that bunnies and humans in Japan are fast becoming friends.

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