A lot of incidents already has occurred regarding a child drowning with adults just within the proximity unaware of the situation at hand.  Here, we defined the instinctive drowning response:

  1. People drowning are functionally unable to shout out for help with the exception of rare circumstances.  All living things possess the respiratory system which is generally for breathing while speech is the overlaid or secondary purpose of the system and therefore breathing is more important and so it must come first before speech may occur.
  2. The mouth of a drowning person alternately sinks underneath and appears back above the water’s surface.  The drowning person’s mouth is not above the water’s surface long enough for that person to exhale and exhale as well as to shout and call out for assistance.
  3. People drowning are unable to wave for help.  Their movements are restricted and they instincts direct their hands to press down on the surface of the water to raise their body up for them to breath.
  4. People drowning are only able to struggle in the water from 20 to 60 seconds before they completely submerge underneath.  It was also noted that there was no record of supporting kick.

We also gathered a full proof list in detecting a person in drowning state:

  • Eyes are closed o are glassy and empty and thus are unable to focus
  • Head is tilted back with the mouth opened
  • Head can also be beneath the water with the mouth at the level of the water
  • Hair is over the forehead or the eyes

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