Drug Lord's Million of Dollars
Drug Lord’s Millions of Dollars


Authorities who raided the house of a suspected Mexican drug lord were not prepared for what they saw – piles and piles of money everywhere, all kinds of guns and live ammunition, priceless art works, and exotic animals, including a white tiger.

The money amounted to $222 million and said to be more than enough to pay for health care benefits of all women and children in the United States for several years. A few of the guns have gold handle while precious art works can be found everywhere.

One hundred dollar bills are piled high everywhere. Closets, cabinets, and several attaché cases are bursting with dollar bills and one could never imagine how one person could amass such fortune. In contrast to the modest appearance of the cottage from the outside, the interior appears like a museum and a zoo with all the priceless objects of art, guns, ammos, and exotic animals, including a white tiger.

Drug Lord's Gun Collection
Drug Lord’s Gun Collection

What was seen inside the house simply shows how powerful a drug lord can become. They have become so rich that they can easily outshine the oil field owners in the Middle East when it comes to wealth. With a drug lord having properties all over the world, it is possible that he can be wealthy enough to afford buying governments.

With this breakthrough, authorities are tightening the noose around drug syndicates whose leaders are wallowing in wealth that came from destroying people’s lives and the youth’s future.

Drug Lord's Exotic White Tiger
Drug Lord’s Exotic White Tiger

Evidently, there is a huge market for drugs worldwide and despite its being illegal and of its hazardous effects on users, still, people would willingly invest their lives just to engage in this business. One can just imagine the amount of money that can beammassed by a drug lord in his lifetime.

The Drug Lord's Modest Cottage
The Drug Lord’s Modest Cottage



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