If you did not know, the 1986 calendar has similar dates to the year 2014. A calendar for the year 1986 can be applicable to the year 2014. You are lucky if you have a 1986 calendar somewhere. Though the vintage pictures on it may be quite out of date, the dates themselves are a perfect match with those of 2014.


The overlap of dates has inspired many makers of calendars and many have issued reprints of their 1986 calendars. Pirelli have decided to release some unpublished photos of their 1986 calendar that were shot by photographer Helmut Newton instead of shooting a new calendar for the year.


The idea of reusing the 86’ calendars has rapidly caught on with internet users who took to selling the calendars on the internet. They are popping up all over eBay. A calendar inspired by Baywatch went for nearly $50 on the site while another one by wrestling stars featuring Hulk Hogan in his prime was listed for $21.95. A limited edition Steiff teddy Bear Collection calendar was sold at $20.


Nobody knows how far the craze went, whether people were doing it to get into the craze or were just interested in clearing their storages of the old stuff.


While the perfect match of dates may seem unusual for some, it is important to note that the calendars for 97’ and 03’ are also a perfect fit with 2014’s dates. It is not a rare occurrence as dates are repeated every now and then in perfect matches with those of other years.


If you are the keeper type, note that the 2014 calendar will be good for 2025. You can save it for 11 years if you will.


Just so you know, Kylie Minogue, Garry barrow and Robbie Williams all feature in the top 10 best selling calendars on Amazon for 2014 too.

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