1-Ringing the Doorbell

Of course it is not about standing at the door with your partner , huging her, ringing the doorbell and listening it all night long.You may prefer sitting in your warm car ,on the comfortable seat and wait for her or you may just call her to pick up.But going to the door and meeting your partner would leave a good impression on her especially  on  the first date.

2-Choose your clothes attentively

You don’t have to dress up like at the beginning of 1900s, but don’t forget that your partner will pay attention to your clothes.For some people appearance can be very important.Make sure that your clothes are clean,nice looking and giving clues about you and your style.Details can be very important especially for girls and women.

3- Coming to meeting with flowers

This act was done usually by men, of course there were exceptions.It is still possible to see this kind of people on the streets nowadays but this is rarer than past.Bringing flowers to especially first meeting is a sign of kindness and gentlemanliness.This impressive act will provide a possitive beginning at your date .Don’t forget that women never forget.

4- Dancing

Title is quite simple.Yes dancing , only dancing.There is no need to add more meanings to this action.Dance for only dancing. Just relax and have fun while you are dancing.Feel free to do whatever you want on the dance floor without disturbing other people and without sexual figures.Because it is not a mating ritual. Couples should try slow dance which is dying out day by day.This will make your night more romantic.

5- This is not palling around

Yes, you won’t pal around with your best friend.This is a date.That is why you should ask your partner out directly.Let your partner know that it will be more than a friendly talk.Don’t hesitate asking out directly and naming it as dating.There is no need to hide your emotions.

6- Long term relation or not

Just like in the previous topic, you should talk clearly about your emotions and thoughts.Do you want a long time relation with her or him? Then do not hesitate to say this directly! If both of you are not sure what you are,one of you has to be brave and clear enough to name your relation. Friends, just a flirt or first step of long term relation ? Do not be afraid of going steady!

7-What happened to poems ?

Poems already died out and SMS took their place.Writing a poem can leave great impression on your partner.Becuase this can make her feel special and this is really very important and impressive.Poems include something from your heart, you can prove how much you care about her and what you feel.Of course don’t write something like that;

Her body glistens in the light
I urge to play with her all night
I pick her up and hold her steady
Take a deep breath, we both are ready.

8- See you later my iphone

Leave it alone at least when you are dating.It is very rude to stare at your phone in every 5 minutes.This already became a sickness of modern people. You can see those people everywhere, at the restaurant, cafe or wherever else Then why do people meet if everybody will play with phones ??Talk to your partner to know  each other further.That is why you are dating.


Don’t forget that your partner has his or her own life , things to do.You should ask where and when can we meet? Do you have time ? When should i call you? Asking for permission ,as people did before, is a sign of respect.Maybe this is the most important thing of old concept that we forgot.

10-Sex on the first date ?

Waiting proves , you dont assume she is a easy girl.Partner will realize that you think of a serious relation with him or her.After first-date sex you may lose your interest and chance to get to know each other better.Everything will be ruined.Some say having sex on a first date is like having dessert before dinner.


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