The photo gallery of the dogs is really awesome. All the dogs are now on the way to their house from Chicago Animal Care and Control. They are looking so fresh and cute. Raising in a animal control panel for the dogs like raising themselves in the so called home of the babies. When they were in the animal control then they have to maintain the same rules day by day. But now from today they will be able to come closer to the open air, the open light, the open field, and the most and one and only is the permanent shelter for them. As people like their shelter and come back at a time to home such like all the animal want to remain in a shelter. For this reason we see that birds make nest for living. Although the animal control panel is like a living place but home is just home. For these the dogs are looking very fresh this morning.

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They have got a new and fresh air for breathing. People like dogs very much. Some one keep dogs with them because it is their hobby, Some one take dogs with them for their protection. Some one take dogs because he or she might have felt lonely in his or her life. Dogs are also like to live with the people. They are the good friend of people. Sometimes it is so happened that a dog left its life for its master. Dog never betray anyone. Rather people make harm with reason and without reason. Now a days dogs have profession also. They work as a CID and as a police officer also. Like the real police officer it has to be take training. The most important part of the dog body is its nose. It can identify the criminal and the illegal things very quickly. Man has not such sharp nose at all. Dog’s hearing capacity is also very deep. It can hear the sound that people are unable to hear.

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