The education system in China might have degraded in recent times as they fall behind in the latest reports of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. The reports have clearly indicated that the high school students of United States are now better than the elementary school students of China.

China who has set new dimensions in modifying the education system has forced to rethink other countries especially US about their education system. The comparison between the education system in China and US was held between the 8-10 years of student and 16-17 years of student of the two countries respectively. The detailed studies have revealed that Mathematics and Science are the two parts where China is mostly lacking than earlier studies. In earlier studies it was established that the Chinese kids were better than the American teenagers in studies.

The studies were held between 63 countries on the basis of examination score to establish and prepare a detailed report on the educational standard. The education system in China although has pulled off the battle but it showed a significant amount of reduction.


The US education system has shown a better result than previous years but the scope of improvement is wide open for them. In another competition between US and other countries like Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and New Guiana, US has showed betterment. The 10 years students of these countries were found to be 3 % less scorer than the 14-17 years American student.

The education system in China has a different reputation in the world in terms of credibility. The results have shaken the authority and they have geared up for the reforms on this regard. A disappointed Education Minister of China, Yuan Guiren has termed the reports as unexpected and hoped for a turn around. He mentioned that a Chinese kid should get ready for an American college at the age of 13 and the results are disapproving the idea.

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