chimpanze hugs

Grateful for the tender-loving care that she received from her savior while trying to get a second shot to life, Wounda the chimpanzee, gave a tight and loving hug to the people who saved her from death.

Dr. Jane Goodall, also known as the “chimp lady”, primatologist, and protector of animals, was astounded by a gesture that she had never expected from a primate. Wounda, the chimpanzee that her group nursed back to life, was released to the Congo jungle after it was confirmed that she had completely recuperated. When the cage was opened, Wounda did not rush to freedom right away. Instead, she extended her hands to her rescuers and gave each of them a long and tight hug.

The gesture was unexpected especially from an animal like Wounda. The chimp was teary-eyed and from her actions, it was clear that she learned to love the people who helped her have a second chance to life.

Wounda the Chimpanzee was found on the brink of death and she was taken to Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center where she was treated. Through the caring hands of Dr. Goodall and her team, Wounda experienced full recovery and in June 13, she was freed.

The chimp’s gesture was proof how close primates and humans are and that they closely share some sentiments and actuations. In fact, Wounda was better than other humans in terms of sense of gratitude. It seems that the chimp knows better when it comes to saying “Thank You” to the people who saved her life.

The hug was like that of a human and the expressions on the chimp’s face showed how sad she was to part from her savior.

After hugging the members of the team, Wounda went deep into the forest to begin a new life.

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