An enormous asteroid almost landed on earth as the 295-year old heavenly body slightly brushed the atmosphere of earth. It was estimated to have the size of three football fields moving at a speed of about 27,000 miles per hour at the distance of around 2.1 million miles. The asteroid’s coming was tracked by Slooh Space Camera.

Asteroids are considered as minor planets that are within in inner Solar System. These small, airless rocky worlds revolve around the sun. But even with its relatively small size, asteroid can be dangerous when it is able to hit Earth. That is the reason a lot of scientists are determined to study all about asteroids as well as their physical characteristics, numbers and orbits in order for the human race may be well-informed if ever an asteroid may be headed to Earth and harm us. Asteroids have once in a while slammed into Earth ever since the said planet was formed 4.5 billion years ago. According to NASA, the extremely dangerous asteroids are particularly rare though. They mentioned that in order for an asteroid to cause a global disaster, it should have to be more than a quarter-mile in width. An estimation was made by the agency’s researches states that such impact can distribute enough dust in the atmosphere to efficiently create a “nuclear winter”. This nuclear winter may severely disturb the agriculture around the world. Researchers say that the dangerous asteroid aforementioned strikes Earth only once every 1,000 centuries on average.

Recently, a huge asteroid with the size of around three football fields dashed close to Earth roughly a year after an asteroid landed and exploded over Chelyalbinsk, Russia that caused a casualty of 1,200 injured people, following a gigantic shock wave that destroyed windows and shattered buildings. Officials from the Chelyabinsk wanted to set the anniversary by giving a portion of the meteorite to each of the 2014 Winter Olympic winning players.

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