A professor recently failed his entire class as a lesson about socialism. The class had been insisting that Obama’s socialist ideas are working in equalizing everyone and bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. What they did not know was that they were in for a tough lesson.

Would you like to share your score after studying hard and then sweating through this?

The professor who said that he had never failed anyone in his lecturing years embarked on a social experiment that left the whole class with a ‘F’ for a grade. The professor said that the whole class would be tested and then the score averaged so that all got an equal score. The first test went well and the class got a blanket score of a ‘B’. That is when hell broke loose. The students who had studied hard felt that they were being pulled down by their comrades. Those who studied little were left all smiles by the free high score.

The second test resulted in a ‘D’ score. There were no smiles this time as everyone was now concerned. The hardworking students had decided to take the free ride and had thus studied less. Those who habitually slacked in their studies had done even less studying for the test.

Robin Hood acts are best left to folklore and in the theaters.

Things came to a head when the third test rolled out. Nobody wanted to study and then have to share their grading with those who had not done any reading at all. That was the argument advanced even by the habitual non-studying students. The result was a fail for all. The score stood at ‘F’.

The professor then told them that socialism leads to a fail for all since rewards are what motivate us. Once the reward is taken away and all are assured of sharing what others achieve, effort to succeed is reduced too.

Now, kindly substitute the ‘B’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ scores for dollars. You quickly realize that socialism will lead to failure as a nation. You cannot make the poor rich by robbing the rich and giving to the poor. That is the greatest lesson learnt by the brilliant professor’s class. Wealth is also not multiplied by dividing it and what you get without working for was earned by someone else from whom it was taken.

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