An escaped prisoner allegedly turned himself in to the police.  The cold and frigid day in Kentucky seemed to be too much for prisoner Robert Vick, 42 years old of Hartford, to handle who was halfway on his break out from his prison.  This led him to ask a motel clerk to contact the police in order for him to return back to his prison.

During a freakingly cold weather in Frankfort, Kentucky, a purportedly escaped inmate decided to put all his efforts to escape in vain and foolishly turn himself in to the police rather than suffer and die in the cold.  Can you just imagine how cold indeed is the weather in the said U.S. state.

Police personnel relayed that the prisoner was able to escape from the prisoner since it was only a minimum security facility located in Lexington one cold Sunday morning.  The temperature reportedly dropped to around refrigerator temperature (2-8 degrees Celsius).  So when Robert Vick felt that the temperature is gradually dropping down he gave in and decided that he cannot take it any longer.  Added to that, he was reportedly wearing in prison-supplied khaki pants, a shirt with a jacket on.  Lexington Police Authorities said that he walked into one motel and requested the front clerk to contact the police in order for him to get away from the torturous arctic weather.

The Police Force Spokeswoman, Sherelle Roberts, added that Robert Vick was given proper checking and treatment by the paramedics.  He eventually returned back to the Blackburn Correctional Complex.


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