Evan Longoria makes a crazy and mind blowing bare hand catch while concentrating on answering questions from a reporter.  At the middle of the interview, a baseball was moving to their direction, and with Evan Longoria’s amazing “one hand catch” reflexes, he was able to escape as well as save the reporter from inevitable injury.

But hold your horses people! The video is actually a commercial advertisement created by Gillete and is said to be staged or edited.  The said brand discreetly displayed their logo on either of the side of Evan Longoria’s head.  The video clip stars Evan Longoria, a famous Tampa Bay Ray’s infielder or third baseman making a jaw dropping and spontaneous bare hand catch of an incoming baseball that seem to come out of the blue on their direction while his fellow players were doing their batting practice when a reporter was conducting an interview with him at the side of the field.

The unbelievable and surreal video went viral once more with a total of 8.8 million views on Youtube.  Together with ESPN’s reporter Kenny Mayne and the Gillete crew, Longoria spent the whole night in Brandenton training field just to film the said commercial.

Longoria gave a statement about the shot and here it goes:

“I shot the actual Gillette commercial for like six or seven hours that day and I’ve heard a few things about that. But that footage of me catching the ball there literally took two minutes to shoot on a handheld camera.”

Longoria was amazed to discover the instant fame brought by becoming known through viral videos o Youtube.


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