We were all told tales when we were children and i guess most of us dreamed of living the life like in those tales.Would you like your dreams to come true ? At least a part of you dreams.What about living in a house which resembles cottages in fantastic stories?How much would pay rent for such a house? 100$ ? 200$ or 250$? If someone tells you that you could pay rent in milk or cream i think you would think that it was a joke. But it is not.And the best side of this cottage is, you don’t have to pay bills.Because this little house has no mains electricity or water.I guess it does not sound attractive anymore.


Michael Buck, former art teacher, is the owner and builder of this fantastic cottage.He came up with this idea to prove people don’t have to pay vast amount of money to own a house.Becuase his fantastic house costs £150. Michael Buck built the cottage in his garden using natural and recycled materials.Walls of the cottage is made of cob ( a mixture of water, clay, sand and straw ). He learnt the method of this old building technique by reading books and he used simple tools during construction.His solution for painting the walls was chalk.Roof frame is made of wood and covered by straw.Windscreen of a lorry was used for windows.Water is provided from a spring which is close to cottage and it is free.There is a stove for heating in the cottage. Michael Buck says, cob walls and roof made of straw, isolate the cottage very well, so you don’t need a central heating. Candles and lanterns are used for lightening.He built a outhouse for lavatory, Bathroom is a bit primitive but functional.People who live in the cottage fills a tin tub with water and take bath in it.


Michael Buck rented out his tale cottage and it did not become diffucult to find a tenant.A worker of a dairy farm which is close to cottage, lives in this house and pays rent in milk and cream just like our ancestors did.


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