Farmed puppies are now being sold by gangs in Europe as more and more people turn to the internet to purchase puppies. Depending on the breed, a puppy can cost up to £1000 when bought from kennels and certified breeders. The low prices offered by online sellers lured many buyers only to experience grief when the puppy they bought dies after a few months of purchase.

Farmed Puppies Sold in Europe
Mother and son were vicitmized by gangs selling farmed puppies.

One mother who has an autistic son was victimized by these gangs prying on dog lovers of Europe. She wanted a puppy to be his son’s companion and she bought a puppy from an address advertised in the internet. “The puppy looks great and the price is cheap. It costs just £500,” stated the mother. Her son was ecstatic but just after a few days, the puppy got sick and it died. The veterinarian told her that the puppy had a disease which was common among puppies reared in unhealthy and crowded conditions. When she called the woman from whom she bought the puppy, she was already gone.  She later discovered that the breeder’s certificate she got were fake. Authorities are now vigilant over puppies being transported across the different borders in Europe after discovering buckets full of puppies that were still too young to be weaned from their mothers ready for sale in the European markets.


According to authorities, the puppies come from farms where dogs are kept to breed. In their haste to make money, the gang members involved in this racket would sell the puppies even if they are still too young. What makes it worse is that these puppies were never vaccinated and if the trafficking continues, Europe might have its first case of rabies infection in forty years since it was totally eradicated. People who plan to buy puppies are now warned against purchasing from advertisements posted in the internet and are advised to buy from certifies breeders and kennels.

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