Just recently, it was revealed that fashion magazine models’ photos were edited to make them appear skinny but healthy to appeal to women readers who aspire to have that same glamorous look.

fashion magazine models' photos retouched or edited

In her expose, Lisa Wade, a sociology professor based in Los Angeles, revealed how some fashion magazine editors make subtle changes in the fashion magazine models’ photos to make them appear more gorgeous than they actually are. Ms. Wade supported her claims with an original picture of a model and the edited picture that appeared in a magazine. In reality, these skinny models do not just look skinny. They appear malnourished and sickly. They have hollow cheeks, dry skin, dry and brittle hair, with their ribcage protruding. However, to attract more readers, these fashion magazine models’ photos were retouched so that they would look lovely, young, and alluring despite their super slim bodies. According to this sociology professor, many of these models really look old and less healthy but modern technology and make up were used to do magic with their looks. In fact, managers of these models strictly monitor the food that they eat and the work outs that they must do to keep them as skinny as they can be. ┬áSome women who are prone to become overweight starve themselves in order to keep their jobs. An editor of a popular magazine stated that she would usually ask her photographers to make the models look very slim but still attractive. With the aid of modern techniques in editing photographs, these models appeared in magazine covers looking at the top of their health and youthfulness. On the other hand, magazine editors consider it their responsibility to present to readers role models who are healthy-looking. One fashion magazine editor stated that fasion magazines want to promote the skinny but healthy look.

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